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Request an extension of time for ADR process

Request An Extension Of Time For ADR Process Or Submission Of Stipulation And Order (Form ADR-CV-1)

Parties/counsel in cases that were referred to ADR and given an initial three-week deadline for filing of a Stipulation and Order to Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) may request a limited number of three-week extensions to facilitate collaborative compliance with the court.

Parties/counsel may also use this form to request one extension of their 90-day ADR process deadline.

Please complete the fields below and click submit. To confirm that an extension of time has been granted, please check the online docket no sooner than 48 business hours after submitting your Request. You can refer to the online docket instruction sheet for step-by-step instructions.

If you do not see an extension of time granted 48 business hours after submission of Request, you may call ADR staff for assistance at 650-261-5075.

Please DO NOT fill in this form if you want to request an extension for a traffic ticketTO AVOID FURTHER DELAY in processing your request, please use the Contact Us form or contact the Traffic Division at 650-363-4300 for more information.

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