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Juror Services

Jury service is essential to the administration of justice and considered one of the most important duties you can perform as a U.S. citizen. Our mission in the San Mateo County Superior Court is to work with and for each other to achieve justice and that includes citizens like you. Your time is valuable and I understand that performing jury service may be an inconvenience or mean making a sacrifice. On behalf of our judiciary and court staff, I sincerely thank you for your service to the San Mateo County community.

~ Neal I. Taniguchi, Court Executive Officer and Jury Commissioner

New Jury Summons Postcards
***** Jury Parking *****

San Mateo Superior Court has updated the jury summons to a postcard.
Jurors may use the Court website to request a continuance or excusal, as well as submit documentation, update their address and opt in for text notification.

Juror summon

Please park at juror designated parking spots (identified by purple signs) and display your parking permits on your dashboard to avoid being ticketed or towed.

If the jury parking lot is full you can park in any public parking at your own expense.


Jury Parking

View parking map for more info

Reporting Instructions

The cafeteria located at the Hall of Justice is temporarily closed. Vending machines are available with snacks and drinks for purchase. Please plan accordingly.

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