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Guardianship - Get Help And More Information

Help with Guardianship

Guardianship of the Person Infographic

There are several steps to become a guardian. For a flowchart that shows you every step. click on the button below.

Guardianship of the Person

Self-Prep & File
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    Self-Prep & File

    Click for a computer program that can help you fill out all these forms by answering simple questions.

For more guardianship information:

Financial Help for Guardians:

You may be able to get child support from the parents or help from the government, like TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families), CalWorks, Social Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, or Indian Child Welfare Act benefits. You can also get help from the County of San Mateo Human Services Department.

For more information, call:

County of San Mateo
Human Services

County of San Mateo
Child Support Services
TTY 866-399-4096

Social Security Administration
TTY 800-325-0778

Department of Veterans Affairs
TTY 800-829-4833

California Department of Child Support Services
1-866-249-0773 (toll free)
TDD 1-866-223-9529 (toll free)

Remember: Any money you get for the child must be used for the child's benefit. The court may ask you to file reports from time to time showing how much money you received for the child and how it was spent. This is called "an accounting."


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