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Resignation, Suspension, And Removal From Multi-Option ADR Panel

Grounds for Removal

  • Any Panel Member may resign at any time upon ten days advance notice, and completion of reports.
  • It will be the policy of this Project to first seek informal and mediative problem solving solutions to complaints and concerns.
  • Any panel member may be summarily suspended by the MAP Oversight Committee for so long as there is failure to comply with the rules of this program, including any reporting requirements.
  • Any panel member may be removed from any or all panels or suspended for:
    • Failure to maintain continuous eligibility and qualification under these rules;
    • Failure to handle MAP referred case with professional competence and diligence;
    • Charging unconscionable fees or other charges;
    • Failure to completely disclose all fees and charges at the outset of the case;
    • Falsification of any material statement made to qualify for any panel or made in any required report;
    • Violation of any rule of professional conduct applicable to the provider as determined by the applicable professional organization;
    • Commission of a crime involving moral turpitude;
    • Repeated failure to comply with these rules;
    • Loss or suspension of a professional license may be grounds for removal;
    • Violation of ethical standards for ADR providers as adopted by the MAP Oversight Committee.
  • Before a panel member may be removed or suspended under Rule 4 above, said panel member shall be given written notice of the grounds asserted against the panel member (for suspension or removal), which notice shall further contain the date, time, and place of hearing on said matter and which notice shall be given no less than twenty days prior to said hearing; provided, however, that a proceeding for conduct which immediately endangers the public interest may be noticed less than twenty days, as the public interest may require, in the discretion of the MAP Oversight Committee.
  • A three member subcommittee of the MAP Oversight Committee shall be appointed by the Co-chairs of the Oversight Committee to serve as the Review Board and shall have jurisdiction to hear all matters involving suspension or removal under Rule 4 above, and shall render its decision within forty-five days from the date of notice of suspension or removal was first given to the panel member, unless said time is extended with the panel member's consent.
  • Any panel member may appeal the decision of the subcommittee to the Oversight Committee as a whole within ten days of being notified of suspension or removal.

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