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Become A Volunteer Mediator

Can I become a volunteer mediator?

Yes, we welcome new mediators to the Program. Typically we are in a position to invite new applications once per calendar year and often receive more applications that we are able to accommodate on the panel at any given time. The ideal candidate has:

  • completed at least 32 hours of mediation training (training that includes a significant percentage of time involved in role playing); and
  • served as a mediator and/or co-mediator in at least 10 mediations; and
  • the flexibility to commit to serve on our volunteer panel for a minimum of one year; and
  • the willingness to observe a certain number of Small Claims mediation sessions and, in turn, be observed conducting same.

Will I get on-site training?

Onsite mentoring is available to those who meet the above criteria and are accepted as a mediation panel member. The mentoring will be arranged on a case-by-case basis between the Program Coordinator and the new mediator.

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