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Family Law Direct Calendaring


In January 2003, the court adopted a direct calendaring system which benefits Family Law Party or Parties and attorneys by ensuring consistency in the handling of their cases. Upon the initial filing of a Family Law Petition or Case, the case will be randomly assigned to a specific judicial department. Hearing dates for the initial Request For Order (RFO), Order to Show Cause(OSC) or Notice of Motion will be set through the Family Law Clerk's Office on an OSC calendar in the assigned department. The various judicial departments will thereafter be responsible for the setting of hearing dates for most matters through trial.

Family Law Department Judges

Southern Branch:  400 County Center, Redwood City

DVPA/TRO and DCSS Calendars:

Domestic Violence Prevention Act-Temporary Restraining Order

  • If the matter proceeds to a hearing, the hearing may be conducted remotely or in-person. Personal appearance is not required of counsel and/or parties if the matter will proceed on the hearing date unless the Court orders otherwise.
  • The moving party is expected to prepare a Proposed Order prior to the hearing and provide it to the Court for consideration (Orders will need to be completed before they leave the courtroom)
  • Prior to a hearing, the standard admonishments will be presented to the parties. Parties will have the opportunity to view the admonishment video outside the courtroom or to read it in advance. Parties will be asked to confirm on the record that they have seen and understand the admonishment.
  • The public may call (650) 298-5758 to obtain assistance regarding remote appearances. The telephone line will be open 30 minutes before the start of a court hearing and will remain open for the duration of the court session.

Departments and Hearing Credentials:


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