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e-Filing Confidential and/or Sealed Documents for Civil-Unlimited Use

How do I e-file documents that are being "Lodged Conditionally Under Seal?"

  • When e-filing documents select filing code "Documents Lodged Conditionally under seal."
  • On the cover page of the each document, you must indicate "Documents Lodged Conditionally under Seal."

How do I e-file documents that are being "Filed under Seal?"

  • First, you must obtain a court order before filing documents under seal.
  • Once the court order is obtained, then e-file the documents by selecting the filing code "By Order of the Court Document Filed under Seal."
  • On the cover page of all the documents you must indicate "Filed under Seal" Order date: _____.

If you are filing the following documents that are considered confidential, please select a filing code/type listed below when e-filing to ensure that it remains confidential.

  • Appendix of Non-California Cases
  • Confidential Documents Submitted Re: Name/Gender Change
  • Compendium of Authorities in Support of
  • Compendium of Appendix of Non-California Cases
  • Compendium of Case Laws
  • Report from Department of Justice Received
  • Correspondence
  • Civil Sheet for Confidential Information
  • Confidential Statement of Judgment Debtor's Social Security
  • Documents Filed as Confidential Per Protective Order
  • Financial Statement (Claim of Exemption)
  • Request to Waive Court Fees
  • Request to Waive Additional Court Fees
  • Settlement Conference Statement
  • Name/Gender Change ID/DL/Social Security Cards
  • Notice to Court of Improved Financial Situation/Settlement
  • Order on Request for Release of Minor's Confidential Information
  • Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Response
  • Request for Hearing About Court Fee Waiver Order
  • Response to Request for Release of Minor's Confidential
  • Statement of Decision (confidential)

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