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I Am Not Qualified

You may request to be excused if you are not qualified to serve. Below is a list of disqualifications.
  • Not a United States Citizen
  • Not a resident of San Mateo County
  • Actively serving in the military
  • Active Peace Office as defined in PC Section 830.1, 830.2(a)-(c) or 830.33(a).
  • Currently incarcerated in prison or jail
  • Convicted of a malfeasance in office & rights haven't been restored
  • Convicted of a felony and currently on parole, post-release community supervision, felony probation, or mandated supervision for the conviction of a felony
  • Required to register as a sex offender pursuant to 290 of PC based on felony conviction.
  • Served as a trial juror or grand juror within the past 12 months - you must e-mail or mail proof of service
  • Nursing mother
  • Under 18 years of age

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