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Documents Required When Filing A Conservatorship

Initial Petition/Documents

IMPORTANT: On initial filings only - please provide 4 copies. The clerk will retain the Original and two (2) copies of every document (copies are sent to the Court Investigator and one for your records). Please make sure the documents for the Court are two-hole punched. The original of each document should be on top and copies of that document beneath it.

Upon Appointment

Subsequent Filings - Accounting Documents

Note: When filing all Subsequent documents on Conservatorships, please provide 3 copies. The clerk will retain the original and one copy. One is for your records.

Temporary Guardianship or Conservatorship

All initial petition documents must be filed with the request for temporary conservatorship or guardianship.

Ex Parte Petitions for Temporary Guardianship or Conservatorship are granted only in Redwood City at The Hall of Justice 400 County Center. The case is reviewed by the Court Investigator's Office between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. prior to presenting the Order to the Judge for approval. Petitioners' are encouraged to make an appointment with their office at (650) 261-5068.

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