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General Information on Adoptions

The San Mateo County Superior Court Juvenile Branch processes all adoptions for San Mateo County. These include: Agency Adoptions, Stepparent Adoptions, Independent Adoptions, Intercountry Adoptions and Adult Adoptions.

You can find the initial forms on the "Judicial Council" website. If you are unsure which type of adoption to file, you may visit the "Judicial Council" website for a description of each type of adoption. If you are filing a Stepparent Adoption and need assistance, our "Self-Help Center" at the Hall of Justice in Redwood City can assist you. Below is a list of initial forms to get you started on the process. For Adult Adoption see our Local Forms.

The initial filing fee for the Adoption Request is US$20.00. Depending on they type of adoption you file, there may be additional fees. Bring with you an Original and 1 copy of all the forms you are filing to the clerk's office:

Juvenile Branch
222 Paul Scannell Drive,
San Mateo, CA 94402 [Directions]

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