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Photo Red Light Camera Violations

If you get a Notice to Appear (traffic citation) for a photo red light camera violation, you will also get a photo of the incident, but not the video. You can watch the video of the incident online from any computer.

How to Watch the Video

To watch the video, follow the steps laid out in the citation. You may also need to enter a security code.

  • For San Mateo and Daly City red light camera citations, you may watch the video at
    • For San Mateo tickets, enter the city code: SANMTO
    • For Daly City tickets, enter the city code: DCTYCA
  • For Millbrae red light camera citations, you may view the video at

If you receive this type of citation, we encourage you to watch the video before deciding to request a trial. It is always important to see the evidence before setting a case for trial.

Questions About Your Video

If you have questions or cannot access your video, contact the police department. You can also contact the police department if you have any questions on how the red-light cameras are maintained and operated:

  • Daly City Police Department: (650) 746-8322
  • Millbrae Police Department: (650) 652-2701

Note: The Police Department issues the Notice to Appear, but the city's photo red light vendor usually mails it out. Often, the vendor mails the notice from an out-of-state location.

How to Take Care of Your Citation

If you receive a photo red-light camera citation, you should also receive a Notice of Bail (Courtesy Notice) from the Court. This tells you the amount you owe. You may have options for taking care of your citation, like:

  • paying your ticket,
  • signing up for traffic school, or
  • getting an extension.

These are available through the Court's Traffic Portal. You can also call the Court's interactive voice response system at (650) 363-4300.

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