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Last Updated November 3, 2020: Juvenile Dependency and Juvenile Justice Memo #7

E-Filing in Juvenile Dependency, Adoptions, and Juvenile Delinquency Cases begins July 1, 2021
Starting July 1, 2021, parties in Adoption and Juvenile Dependency cases may E-File documents.
Parties in Juvenile Delinquency matters may E-file all subsequent documents, following the initial complaint.

The Juvenile Division handles these types of cases involving minors:

Types of Juvenile Court Hearings

Juvenile Dependency Hearings

Juvenile Dependency hearings take place when the court becomes involved in the relationship between parent and child. If a child becomes a dependent of the court, the court will make rules for everyone to follow. The rules are designed to be in the best interest of the child. Social workers and court-appointed special advocates are available to protect the child's rights and assist the parent in following court orders. Please visit the Judicial Council Website for more information.

Juvenile Justice Hearings

Juvenile Justice hearings take place when the juvenile has been charged with, or accused of, committing a crime. Please visit the Judicial Council Website for more information.

Juvenile Traffic Hearings

Juvenile Traffic hearings are handled by the County's Probation Department, NOT the Superior Court.

Special Information About Juvenile Transfer-In Hearings

All juvenile transfer-in hearings, dependency and delinquency, are heard at:

Youth Services Center
San Mateo County Juvenile Court
222 Paul Scannell Drive, 2nd Floor
San Mateo, CA 94402

Transfer-In hearings are heard Monday through Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

Transfer-In hearings should be set as far out as possible but within:

  • 5 court days of the transfer-out order if the child is in custody
  • 10 court days of the transfer-out order if the child is out of custody.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I see juvenile court files?

All juvenile cases are confidential. Only the minor, their parent or guardian, and the minor's attorney can view the file. If you are a party in the juvenile case, you may contact the clerk's office for further instructions to view the file.

If you are not a party in the juvenile case and wish to view the juvenile court records, you must ask for a judge's permission. (Welfare and Institutions Code, section 827.)

Follow the instructions in California Rule of Court 5.552

Here are the forms you will need to follow the instructions. Serve them to the parties listed in CRC 5.552(c) at least 10 days before filing the forms with the court.

  • Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Court Records (JV-570)
  • Notice of Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File (JV-571)
  • Objection to Release of Juvenile Case File (JV-572)

The court keeps most juvenile case files at the Juvenile Branch. Please call the Clerk's Office to order the case file and allow 3-5 days for it to arrive. Note that the court keeps files for old cases (before 2001) off-site. To get a file that is off-site, you must pay a $10.00 fee.

2. How do I get a copy of a police report?

If a police report includes information about a minor, you must ask the court to get a copy of the police report. To do this, fill out these forms:

  • Petition to Obtain Report of Law Enforcement Agency (Form JV-575) AND
  • Notice to Child and Parent/Guardian Re: Release of Juvenile Police Records and Obligations (Form JV-580)

The judge will take 5-10 business days to review the forms. If the judge approves your request, you will get a filed copy of the court order approving your request. Take the court order to the police department to receive a copy of the report.

3. How do I seal juvenile court records?

To seal juvenile court records, contact the County's Probation Department at (650) 312-8816.

Mediation Program

  • Juvenile Dependency Program

    A meeting with mediators when people disagree about the safety and well-being of their children. The meeting is informal but organized.

  • Juvenile Justice Program

    An opportunity for victims and offenders to meet face to face in a safe environment.

Contact Us

Youth Services Center

The San Mateo County Youth Services Center. It includes a juvenile detention facility.

Juvenile Branch

222 Paul Scannell Drive,
San Mateo, CA 94402 [Directions]

Phone Number for Juvenile & Adoptions: (650) 261-5100 option 8

Phone Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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