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Contest A Citation


An arraignment is a hearing where an individual is advised by the Court of his rights and the charges he or she faces. The individual will be asked to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Please note that the citing officer will not be present in Court.

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Court Trial

A trial is where an individual testifies about the case. The citing officer will be subpoenaed to appear. The individual has the right to bring witnesses or have a lawyer present. The Court will not provide an attorney.

When requesting a trial in person or by mail, the bail (fine) must be paid in full.

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Trial by Written Declaration

A trial by written declaration is a procedure where, instead of appearing in Court, an individual protests his/her case by mail. The individual files a statement on a Trial by Written Declaration form (paper or online), explaining and outlining the facts and events of the case. The individual may include any documentary evidence that could help his/her case. A written report by the citing officer will be subpoenaed. The Commissioner will review all documentation and the ruling will be issued by mail.

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